Super Sonnets | Edition 5 | Sonnets By The Sonnet Man | Over 100+ Sonnet Short Poems | Inspirational Poems On Love, Nature, Death, Politics and much more | Poems and Sonnets
Edition 5 – Super Sonnets | Over 100+ Sonnet Poems Written by The Todmorden Sonnet Man. Short Sonnet Poems Featuring Themes From The Surrounding Area To Love, Nature, Death, Politics and much more. The Sonnet Man Todmorden, Edition 5.
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Here is The Sonnet Man’s fifth Internet collection of his poems in sonnet form.

There are 100 plus Sonnets on this website. I hope that there are some here you enjoy or find, in some way, interesting.

Some may well be controversial. I apologise if this upsets, but I have meant them to be forthright. They express my feelings and views.

If you like any one, or more, please share them with people you know who might be receptive.

So, Enjoy This Latest Edition Of Sonnets.

What is a Sonnet?

A Sonnet is, of course, a poem, but derives from the Italian word “sonnetto”,meaning “little song”.

My sonnets take on the specific structure of 14 lines, 10 syllables a line,and follow a strict, traditional, rhyming pattern.

That is – abab cdcd efef gg.

Why don’t you try to construct one for yourself? Go on, have a go!

Are These Sonnets Copyrighted?

My other websites refer to the sonnets on them being my intellectual property.

That is the case with these, too – and the same applies to their use as shown on those websites – but, in the main, I would be happy for any to be used, as felt fit, provided they are accredited to The Sonnet Man or the relevant website address.

I can be contacted by the email address

Also, any messages can be sent to me via the message facility on the Contacts page at the end of this website. When sent, the message will go to the above email address – No ‘insulting’ or irrelevant ones, please. They will just be deleted.

Here’s one I did earlier,
thinking to get this site ready.


Fifth set of truly shocking poetry.

On the way to be further unacclaimed.

Maybe, they’re no one else’s ‘cup of tea’,

Or are too wild to possibly be tamed.

But they are not so very difficult

Admittedly, some content may seem dense.

Do what good poems should do; prompt some thought.

Bring forth feelings which could be quite intense.

But don’t have to stay with one. Are others.

Those inserted, it was hoped would amuse.

Bold showing; if think sags, soon recovers.

When told, ‘nothing more to say’, I refused.

So, on toward the next set. Sonnet V.

To have them worthy of display, I strive.

I’ve written over 5,000 Sonnets now.
Here’s one acknowledging that.


Stupendous. Momentous. Magnificent.

All Hail. All Praise, and Congratulations.

In a creative way, omnipotent.

Cheer myself with those interpretations,

But they’re over-the-top exclamations.

I should not get too over-excited.

After all, they’re just my declarations

which, to mass of people, won’t be sighted.

Still, don’t see why can’t give myself credit.

Although not essays or dissertations,

the box-set’s alright. I know, I’ve read it.

Contains collection of inspirations.

Will record was strange, this aspiration.

Now, there for me, to my acclamation.

Here’s a couple showing my mind’s flying.


I can see a golden pterodactyl

in my mind’s eye, flying above tree tops.

I don’t know if it was ever actual.

About as real to me as a cyclops.

A lustre from its dinosaur feather.

Brown, resembling gold, this flying object.

A large bird to perform such endeavour,

but seems to be reasonably adept.

I imagine from what I’ve seen in films,

and what in books of prehistoric times.

Yet, gilded creature, over oaks and elms,

flies in the air. It glides and power-climbs.

And, no doubt, swoops to capture a morsel.

Am I impressed? Well, that’s rhetorical.


Wing it now. Go on my own momentum.

Move ahead into a new paradigm.

Take off, open up, and feel ascension.

Then, with air currents, balance and align.

And fly. Can wing it, trusting there’s no fall;

no restriction or obstacle to block.

Will go above and beyond a high wall.

Only when I want, do I have to stop.

Have perched in this situation too long.

It is now time to be brave, and wing it.

Don’t know all that much about being gone;

but revised mode of life, will begin it.

Wing it. I’m not altogether sure where,

but can go far on a wing and a prayer.