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Edition 5 – Super Sonnets | Over 100+ Sonnet Poems Written by The Todmorden Sonnet Man. Short Sonnet Poems Featuring Themes From The Surrounding Area To Love, Nature, Death, Politics and much more. The Sonnet Man Todmorden, Edition 5.
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Here’s three concluding sonnets.


The components of a good existence
are, first, safety, if that is possible.
That does not exclude, where wrong, resistance.
And questioning of the questionable.


Honest labour. Responsibility.
Love, of course. The recognition of it.
And creative. Mental agility.
Happiness. Make definition of it.


Well-being, an essential element.
Using this good fortune positively.
Benefit from being intelligent.
Utilise, beyond self, honourably.


Things will go wrong, wrong perceptions, setbacks.
A good existence, though, includes comebacks.


Beware. Be wary. Be careful. Be safe.
But, be without fear if you’re able to.
At the times when it’s important, be brave,
but don’t deny the inevitable.


Be aware that can be magnificent.
Be someone, who in the world, is present.
Don’t be, to what matters, indifferent.
Rather than be flat, be effervescent.


Be alive, including to the dangers.
Be able to decide whether to risk.
Don’t be afraid that all around, strangers.
To be friendly’s a good way to exist.


Don’t be, to any being, cause of harm.
When there could be rising panic, be calm.


Something suitable and sincerely thought.
The wish I wish here within to express.
Otherwise fleeting, amazingly caught,
and later, when examined, still impressed.


A light of loving enchantment shone there,
upon the motivation that I care.
Split lives, fractured world, causes for despair,
if I could with this, you know I’d repair.


My hope is we can be better creatures;
Not, down to hate and fear, inflict damage.
With, what it is we know, can be teachers,
Re-training the instinct to disparage


to positively encourage instead.
Lovingly recorded wish from my head.