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Edition 5 – Super Sonnets | Over 100+ Sonnet Poems Written by The Todmorden Sonnet Man. Short Sonnet Poems Featuring Themes From The Surrounding Area To Love, Nature, Death, Politics and much more. The Sonnet Man Todmorden, Edition 5.
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THE VILE MAXIM (Elaborating Adam Smith, from The Wealth of Nations)

The vicinity of the vile maxim,
‘all for ourselves and nothing for others’.
To those near-ruined, ways of distracting.
Isolate, confuse, ‘own fault when suffer’.


Vast wealth and property is what protect,
and add more to, the ‘masters of mankind’.
Paying tax for social good, they reject.
The State, they expect, for themselves designed.


Democracy, if allowed, distorted.
Education, too. Knowledge must serve them.
Labour value unfairly extorted.
Monopoly rights and power, extend.


They don’t have the disposition to share.
Follow the vile maxim. We’re forced to bear.


A corrupt system they’re operating,
calling land developers ‘stakeholders’.
A ‘partnership’ role, thereby creating,
as though they act as joint office holders.


Public’s proposals given scant regard.
Short shrift to community objection.
State plays its authoritarian card.
Only change if face an insurrection.


But developers have privileged rights,
more than mere lobbyists or contractors.
Able to get their hands on the best sites,
using compliant elected actors,


or officialdom, because ‘stakeholder’.
By such means, profiteer as freeloader.


A new term to describe many workers,
whose employment rights are negligible,
and can lose their jobs like they’re short-termers.
What they are subject to, contemptible.


“The Precariat”. That is this sub-class.
The Precarious Proleteriat.
Taken-on, but dismissible quite fast.
And there’s nothing they can do about that.


Considerable hardship and despair.
Their lives not mattering; only profit.
They’re not jobs that could be considered fair.
Welfare pays when families thrown on it.


Reasons given why ‘good’, nefarious.
Those working class lives made precarious.


Welfare has saved the lives of many folk.
It has staved-off crises like starvation,
given shelter and care, and revived hope.
A safety-net for the population.


There’s not employment for everyone.
And some, with their health, are not up to it.
Incomes low, costs high. Broke, if do the sums.
Not enough, even if take care of it.


Welfare, subject to relentless attack.
‘On Benefits’ used as term of abuse.
Yet, the poverty’s a matter of fact.
And the slanders, for cuts is an excuse.


Rather than constant target to berate,
the Welfare State has been compassionate.


Can the State be turned around, utilised?
A pretty dismal creature at present.
That it can be made good is fantasised.
Seems it is anti-freedom in essence.


Often displays quite a malevolence,
on behalf of the rich and powerful,
to hold down, if need be with violence,
lessers’ protests, which find inimical.


It’s run to sustain inequality.
This is institutionalised within.
Central core of its ideology.
Reform of that doesn’t even begin;


other than some welfare, begrudgingly.
Yet, a Socialist State still thought could be.


All about stopping the radical Left.
Keeping the Socialists out of power.
In; promoters of Capitalist theft,
saying ‘for workers’. Their joke that’s sour.


Right-wing Tories pursuing the class war,
Backed by their extremist media friends.
Purpose is, those that have, to give them more,
and break-up opposition that offends.


Alternatives have long been there to aid;
to moderate significant reform;
pretend change, whilst power-relations stayed.
And now UKIP’s quasi-fascism born.


If all that were to fail, still the saviour,
the non-Socialist centrists in Labour.


Not paying taxes is so corrosive.
Individual and corporate rich.
Doctored records, repeatedly, posted.
Manipulation facilitates this.


Major feature of globalisation,
especially with finance capital.
By moving money, improvisation,
Make more, …not goods …, and this now integral.


The producers, too, avoid and evade.
And it is as though they do nothing wrong.
But it is how inequality is made.
All, bar an elite, kept down ‘where belong’.


Not pay, by loopholes and chicanery.
Worse, when State used to do it legally.


The European Union’s ‘freedoms’;
free movement of capital and labour,
was ‘enshrined’ for capitalist reasons.
Theory: stop protectionist behaviour.


It imitates a state, where these make sense.
Money flows, tariff-free trade, along with
plugging skill shortages, helps cut expense.
Cheaper labour, too, is what it will give.


But xenophobia and racism,
low wages and austerity effect
bring anti-immigration decisions.
Free movement of labour, come to reject.


This, though, a major system distortion.
Restrictive capitalism forced, then.


The British State is nearly a write-off.
Almost totally manipulated
by the class rich and privileged enough.
People who should already be sated.


A sponge that’s absorbed a malignancy.
Crony Capitalism in its pores.
Made its purpose to spread iniquity,
as it nurtures all the cancerous spores.


Poisoned State can’t function equitably.
Can’t fulfil what is best for its people.
Cause disaffection inevitably,
as to serve its corruptors is its all.


Reformers still put their hope in the State,
but for Britain it may well be too late.


The ‘patriots’ tell us here is the best.
They don’t raise any questions or look twice.
Nationally, have vested interest.
But, sadly, a long way from paradise.


We could, surely, be so much happier.
And not, when we see the bills, exclaim “Christ!”
Or with the cutbacks, find things crappier.
Still much that’s nice, but it’s not paradise.


So much, to keep us quiet, is thin gruel.
We’re not making sure the future excites.
And in our name, the world around is cruel.
The rich gain more, but that’s not paradise.


Could be, sometime, something in us ignites.
Might act, to be nearer to paradise.


Much bad news full of malicious mischief
presented primarily in bad faith.
Daily diet from which little relief.
And that, if can ignore its ugly face.


Form of fascism that’s promulgated.
For the peasants from the new squirearchy.
All sorts of nastiness animated.
Best to ignore its message entirely.


But the contrived ignorance far-reaching,
and it has its effect on the many.
The prejudice expressed, oft repeating,
taken in, then spent like a bad penny.


Then there’s consequence to what’s done and said.
Promoted by grinning curs, this hatred.


Speak truth to power. Likely get glower,
if lucky. More likely put down; shut up.
Won’t be heard again soon, any near hour.
Career won’t flower. Just won’t make the cut.


Rather, urged, speak lies to the powerless.
Tell them they’re to blame. That’s the favoured game.
At the same time, they’re reckless and feckless.
Then, may well get a brief moment of fame.


It is determined ‘who’s side you are on’.
And you have to decide that for yourself.
To the Establishment, your views belong.
Or face criticism. Do it, or else.


How the powerful work; with tyranny.
Speak truth to them, brave; whatever may be.


‘Women love. They care, and they get attached.
Men take the opportunity to play.’
The tendencies to genders that were matched
by Germaine Greer, in the comment she made.


Failure to prioritise womens’ health,
and the difficulties being mothers.
Left to cope with their baby by themself.
Disturbed, post-birth; not treat not recover.


Women atomised, their power dispersed.
Their bodies; their eggs; are used for profit.
Lots aborted because girls, before birth.
But right to choose, when things bad, still don’t let.


Regard the vagina as a playground,
cultures, man-chosen, which let women down.


I am mindful of the situation.
Would not need much to reach desolation.
Contempt, feature of discrimination.
Terms, presented for assimilation


and expected to accept as a fact.
Intimidation. Threat of force behind.
No equal status according respect.
Bullying; the old thought pattern designed.


Where to go from here, with the subdued hate.
In religion or spirit dissipate
Family, ensure they’re looked after great.
On the disrespect that face, not fixate.


Keep self-respect; as far as can, one’s grace.
In little ways can help to change the place.


Be seen. Always possible to be seen,
so that privacy cannot be assured.
Surveillance of the many, the barbed dream.
Excuse; misbehaviour caught and deterred.


Power over lives by seeing into.
Can make and impose decisions of pain.
Understanding how act; can begin to.
Who knows what information can attain.


Of course, voyeurism for a laugh, too.
Use what know about to humiliate.
Can even observe sitting on the loo.
Tape, and by modern means, disseminate.


Bentham’s architecture for a prison.
Panopticon. Who made the decision?


You don’t believe they tell the truth. Nor I.
Don’t expect them to explain why. Nor I.
Don’t think they will accept the proof. Nor I.
Don’t believe they will even try. Nor I.


The State run for themselves, not you and I.
You don’t consider they are just. Nor I.
Don’t think they will fairly share wealth. Nor I.
Don’t think that they do much for us. Nor I.


Don’t believe the Health Service safe. Nor I.
Don’t expect they’ll be improvements. Nor I.
Don’t think won’t be Cuts, wave on wave. Nor I.
Or any time soon, they’ll see sense. Nor I.


Don’t believe they do not want war. Nor I.
Don’t trust their motives, that’s for sure. Nor I.