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Edition 5 – Super Sonnets | Over 100+ Sonnet Poems Written by The Todmorden Sonnet Man. Short Sonnet Poems Featuring Themes From The Surrounding Area To Love, Nature, Death, Politics and much more. The Sonnet Man Todmorden, Edition 5.
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We know we love each other very well.
Exceptional, as far as I can tell.
In giving love, you certainly excel.
And me for you. Any doubt you can quell.


Between us there’s a special connection.
I think it’s wonderful, on reflection.
Compared to others, you’re the exception,
Taking love to a whole new dimension.


I am blessed that you share so much with me;
on our being together, you agree;
that we will have a common destiny;
moments of pure delight and ecstasy.


A Love Song this, or a Poem to tell,
saying we love each other very well.


Now, wouldn’t a song be something special.
A lyric instead of instrumental
or without musical backing at all.
Just a rhythmical voice, elemental.


Evoking, perhaps, a winter’s scene, bleak
or some other mood that’s melancholic.
In tones, so it’s more than simply to speak,
bringing something forward that’s melodic.


Beauty, of course, endeavour to capture.
And Love’s unique feeling, to enrapture.
But not cause the sentiment to fracture.
Pitching it just right really does matter.


So, is with a warmth, I sing my song through.
Although winter outside, I’m here with you.


It’s very personal, my loving you.
From the physical aspect, beside you,
to knowing much more, discovering you.
I just love this chance to reside with you.


There’s a magnificence that you exude.
And I’m not just saying when you are nude.
Your whole charisma, be wrong to exclude
when my attitude to you is reviewed.


It is your soul I am in contact with.
The catalyst of love, by which we live.
Amazing, the amount, to me, you give.
Astonishing, you come ‘round to forgive.


It’s personal being this close to you.
I’m grateful our love is reciprocal.


Gold tinged. That is how I feel she presents.
That lustre that shows as magnificent.
Her beauty may suffer impermanence,
But see her now and catch its excellence.


That gold tinge, an inner one, not a tan.
A golden glow of health and wellbeing.
Reflects well for me, as the lucky man
to partner her. Long be so, god-willing.


Embraced, then, by her and her gold aura.
I will be able to bask in its glow.
That angel light could hardly be purer.
In my mind, I think it will never go.


Say how it is, so it’s properly told.
This beautiful woman radiates gold.


She has, without a doubt, magnificence.
Another man called her “magnificent”.
I can see why. It makes a lot of sense.
I agree with him one hundred per cent.


Beautiful, virtually all the time,
but particularly in the sunshine
she flowers, she blossoms, blooms, to my mind.
To a seasoned eye, she’s still in her prime.


Might think such a comment an irritant,
coming from another man down the street,
but no way I could possibly prevent,
as expressing what observes, when her greet.


Not to an exaggerated extent
for me too, to call her “magnificent”.


I keep telling myself that it makes sense
to do what my head says, and not my heart.
But to do that would be at love’s expense,
Meaning we would, then, be always apart.


My head says that you are no good for me.
Yet, strangely, to my heart you’re alluring.
I could, this once, act exceptionally,
hoping against hope that love enduring.


My head explains ‘I’m not sure I trust you’.
Attraction not lead to what is desired.
But my heart likes the prospect of us two.
Fateful decision, which may be inspired.


My head says don’t succumb to fantasy.
But my heart might make up my mind for me.


It is her I love. There is no other.
It is true. I feel a strong connection.
Would not be the same with any other.
Can tell this is love, on introspection.


Don’t mean to be unduly romantic.
Downs as well as ups. Been difficulties.
Are difficulties. Be more can’t predict.
But living alongside her, makes me pleased.


This love comes from an internal wellspring.
I might have not known of its existence.
But you have made it flow. A joyous thing.
And I am amazed at its persistence.


What a wonderful thing to discover.
And with it, I love you like no other.


Why would I do anything other than …?
Nothing have the same motivation for.
The nearest I get to having a plan.
What reason give an explanation for?


I have plenty good cause to justify!
I could never put this in jeopardy.
To risk, simply couldn’t understand why.
I see this, very much my destiny.


These have become somewhat punctuated.
Not really quite as I have expected.
Hope this doesn’t mean you get frustrated.
My sentiments have not been perfected,


at least in words, to say to you “I’m true”.
There is no one else I would say this to.